TableSol® impressions

The TableSol® is a 30 cm tall mini parasol and consists of three components: a UV-coated hood, a specially designed stand and a natural stone base. You can easily assemble the TableSol®. After that, you can enjoy the sun while your snack and drink stay in the shade! Thanks to the wide collection, there is always a colour or design that suits you. See some examples below.

TableSol Mini Parasol for your drinks. TableSol Mini Parasol voor je drankje. TableSol Mini Sonnenschirme fur ihre Getränke.

TableSol® Rose

The Rose design with white upright and foot is one of our bestsellers! Here you can see this timeless TableSol® on a beautiful round bistro table. As you can see, the TableSol® doesn't take up much space. At the same time, the TableSol® provides enough shade for your drink.

TableSol® Flora

The TableSol® Flora comes in a lime green color with tribal decoration. This mini parasol stands on a low coffee table with the size of 1 x 1 meter.

TableSol® Bubbles

On the beach it is also very convenient to have a mini parasol with you! This picture shows the TableSol® Bubbles.

TableSol® Hawaii

Our mini umbrellas ensure that drinks stay in the shade on a sunny terrace. We took the TableSol® Hawaii on vacation for this beautiful photo.

TableSol® Tulips

The TableSol® is big enough for two glasses. If you put it right, there's more to fit in the shadow of a TableSol®. This picture shows the TableSol® Tulips.

TableSol® Orchid

The TableSol® Orchid is here on a sunny terrace.

Small parasol for the table

TableSol® Stones

With the TableSol® mini parasol you sit in the sun and your drink stays in the shade. For true sun worshippers!

TableSol® Sunflower

A mini table parasol is ideal for places where you don't have a large parasol, for example by a swimming pool or in the park. The TableSol® mini parasol can be taken anywhere. This photo shows the summer tablesol® Sunflower.