TableSol® Lotus


We want to enjoy! Not only from the sun, but also from a delicious drink and snack. There’s only one drawback; cool drinks and sensitive snacks are not so happy with the bright sun. That is why we have invented the TableSol®. This mini table parasol ensures that your drinks and snacks stay in the shade. This way they remain cool and fresh while you enjoy the sun. Perfect for next to your lounge set, in the garden and on your terrace. And of course nice to give it as a gift. The TableSol®: a nice and stylish garden accessory!

How does it work?

The TableSol® consists of three parts: a cap with a beautiful design, a stand and a natural stone base. You can easily assemble the TableSol®. After that, you can enjoy the sun while your snack and drink stay in the shade!

– This mini parasol is about 26 cm high. This way your favourite drinks fit right in the shade!

– The TableSol® is made in the Netherlands

– Made of polypropylene with UV coating and natural stone

– Thanks to the wide collection, there is always a colour or design that suits you

TableSol® Lotus